About Me

My name is Francesca Lestrade and I am a serial entrepreneur, business consultant and motivational speaker. My aim is to support businesses and entrepreneurs to create effortless, automated back end services leaving them free to serve their clients and do what they are passionate about.

Once upon a time I worked hard...

now I work smart!

Let me ask you this: when you started your business, did you start it to be loaded down with back end processes, copywriting, mundane admin tasks, spending time trying to figure out what systems work best for your business and so on?


Or did you start your business because you have something you are passionate about? People you want to help? A service or product you feel someone needs?


You see, I get it. I too once felt that I had very little time with so much to do. This drained me of my motivation: how was I supposed to operate like a full business... alone? This affected my ability to gain new clients... my email list stopped growing... and I even started losing the passion for what I once loved... 


Until I realised that the way I was approaching my business was all wrong. I was treating it like a side hustle and not like a real business. I started implementing REAL systems to bring about REAL results and ran like a REAL business! And now I do this for businesses everywhere!


Here's the bottom line: having effective systems in place is the only way to ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Here's the problem though: when we go into business, we don't always know the HOW... all we really know (and care about quite frankly) is the WHY. Why we got into business... to pursue something we are passionate and good at!


And this makes sense! You have a passion for a reason. And for many, that passion does NOT include admin work, business systems and management. Well, this is where I come in!


So, if you have a new project, want to manage or launch a membership, have a course you want to create, a book to promote or a business that needs back end management, DON'T LOSE SIGHT OF YOUR WHY... Let me handle that! Contact me today for a FREE consultation to find out more.


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